Application launcher is a light-weight tool created in C# .NET. This serves following four important uses.

  1. With this tool users can load multiple applications, documents and utilities (executables) with a simple mouse click.
  2. Users can move the applications (low priority) from auto startup of Windows to this application. So that users can load them manually only when necessary. It will help Windows to load quickly.
  3. This application runs silently in background and displays just notification icon in Windows tray area. As Windows 8 doesn’t have Start menu, it will be helpful for Windows 8 users to quickly load the necessary applications and documents.
  4. Users can save their list of preferred files as as session so that they can be launched whenever required. It will also help users to switch between the sessions easily. This tool will be useful for the users who are using same machine(laptop/PC) for multiple purposes. For example, for the users who are using a same laptop to develop different types of applications (.NET, Java, Android etc) or for the users who are using a machine for both official and personal uses.


You can download Application Launcher tool from the following link


  • Please install this application other than the programs files folder to avoid folder security permissions issue.
  • This application is portable. The files can be copied to any other machine having .NET 2.0 and can be used.